My new Book: 

Bad School Leadership (and what to do about it) 

The teaching profession is in crisis. While many of the problems are the result of governmental policy, difficulties with recruitment and retention can be partly attributed to something which is often discussed but rarely opposed: bad school leadership. In a humorous, blow by blow account, Omar explains in detail the nature of bad school leadership prevalent at some schools. After discussing the WWWs (What Went WRONGs), Omar draws on positive experiences of school leadership in order to offer his own EBIs (Even Better Ifs).In this explosive and potentially controversial read, Omar leaves no topic off the table. From school leaders who obsess over book scrutinies, to school leaders who have no conscience to speak of, Omar includes them all. As well as citing examples of good school leadership throughout, Omar concludes by offering guidance to teachers on how best to reclaim the profession.

Bad School Leadership (and what to do about it) is a must read for the following audiences:

•Teachers that have contemplated leaving the profession

•School leaders who want to reflect on their own practice

•Aspiring school leaders who want to be the best they can