Sample Covering Letter

Hi all, 

Below is my covering letter which has brought me much success in the past. 

Have a look! Adapt, chop, change, plagiarise, or plain discard at your leisure. 

Key point to take- succinct is better than long and waffly.

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Best of luck!


It is with great interest that I wish to be considered for the position of Teacher of Science as advertised in the TES. I am currently teaching at XXXXXXX and I am attracted to this post as a development of my role as a classroom practitioner. I feel ready to extend my experience of providing a stimulating environment where pupils learn and achieve, to a prestigious school which prides itself in providing an outstanding education for all of its pupils, enabling them to achieve their full potential in academia and in all walks of school life.  I am eager to embark on a new journey as well as a unique challenge.

As an effective classroom practitioner, committed to raising the standard of every pupil in my care, I am conscientious, thorough and well organised in all areas of my planning, teaching, marking, assessing, and discipline capabilities. I regularly liaise with teachers, including ASTs, to continually develop my classroom practice. I have often been praised for my use of AFL, and I have a proven record of exceeding departmental targets, year upon year. I am passionate and progressive in the classroom and I consistently seek to teach in a fashion which is creative and innovative as well as effective. If offered the post I believe I would be a good asset to the school and its youngsters; in addition to my dedication to the profession, I possess a wide range of life experience which would enable me to serve as a potential role model.

I believe that children reach their full academic potential through inspirational teaching and that their success can be measured by achievement as well as a lasting passion for learning. I have demonstrated my strong desire for pupil achievement and my positive relations with pupils were reflected in my recent nomination for a Teacher Award. In addition, the projects I had undertaken as Sustainability Co-ordinator were recognised by a local newspaper and an article was published describing my role and achievements- including the involvement of a strong band of eco-keen pupils.

I have extensive experience teaching across the key stages, including GCSE science, and BTEC science at KS4 and KS5 as well as A/S level Chemistry. Being eager to encourage every pupil to achieve their full potential, I have been praised for demonstrating excellent results- particularly with GCSE separate science groups. Whilst I have not taught it in any capacity previously, the possibility of teaching Psychology is an opportunity I would welcome. As part of my undergraduate degree I studied some Psychology modules and it was an area in which I had much interest. In addition to this, both my mother and sister were Psychologists by profession and later became teachers!

Being a keen amateur boxer, at the Birmingham Irish Boxing Association, I currently run an after school boxing club for boys and girls across all key stages. This has shown a strong response over the past few years- particularly from pupils with behavioural difficulties- and it has proven invaluable for relationship building as well as pupil engagement. I would hope to continue with this if appointed.

I am currently a member of the ‘Teaching and Learning’ group and part of our objectives are to permeate outstanding practice across the school. I have made strong contributions to the group by leading on INSETs in areas such as AFL, literacy and generic activities to enhance pupil engagement and active learning. I am also working with staff via a ‘buddy’ system where both teachers observe each other for mutual benefit; this is something I have much engaged with as it provides an atmosphere where positive risks can be taken in the classroom thereby improving teaching and learning. If appointed I would like to continue with this project and assist in the development of the latter within the science department and also across the school.

Having grown up near the local area of XXXXXX, I am familiar with its reputation as a strong element in the community. If offered the post, I would be determined to promote not only academic success, but also traditional values such as self-discipline, self-control, respect and courtesy.

I am available for interview at any time and I eagerly await your response.

Yours Sincerely

Omar Akbar



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